Mechano Centrifugal Fans
For Every Air Handling Needs

These fans are specially designed and manufactured for numerous industrial applications.


The Phoenix industrial range of centrifugal fans incorporates a common fan housing with five interchangeable rotor styles for different air and material handling applications. This fans care is built to heavy duty specifications as standard, allowing for duties up to Class 4.

The Design IMH is available in eight arrangements and all positions of discharge and rotation. Special configurations can be designed and built up to suit client’s specifications.

Products Available


  • Centrifugal fans
  • Single Inlet, Single Width
  • Double Inlet, Double Width
  • Aerofoil & Laminar Bladed
  • Radial & Straight Bladed
  • Vee-Belt Driven
  • Direct Coupled
  • Control-Inlet Vane or Heavy Duty Louvre dampers



  • Direct Coupled
  • Vee Belt Driven
Industries Served


  • Process for Palm Oil Mill
  • Induced Draft for Boiler Plant
  • Building services
  • Air Conditioning
  • Ventilation
  • Dust Collector Application
  • Cement Plant
  • Paint Spraying Plant for Automobil
  • Rubber Gloves Industries
  • Oven & Dryer Systems
  • Chemical Plant

Design AL laminar rotor consists of 12 flat backward inclined blades suitably welded to a back plate and die-spun front plate. This rotor runs slower than a conventional airfoil type, but is less efficient in operation. Static efficiencies of 80& are possible with this fan. Double width wheels have 12 blades on both sides of the back plate, forming a rigid symmetrical assembly. This rotor is also non-overloading in you character.


Design AL airfoil type rotor is manufactured with 12 double surface die form airfoil section blades, welded to back plate and die-spun conical front plate. This type of blading and front plate, together with the compatible scroll design of the housing, allows for minimum turbulence of air passing through the fan, and enables static efficiencies of 86% to be achieved. This type of rotor provides for non-overload characteristics and stable performance.

Steam heating coils, designed for general purpose air heating, can be used for a wide variety of heating and processing applications. Both low and high pressure designs are available.

All steam heating coils provide a high performing heat transfer surface together with a host of exclusive features that mean maximum coil life.

Available Configuration
  • Single/Double inlets
  • Aerofoil & Laminar Bladed
  • Radial & Straight Bladed
  • Building services
  • V-Belt & Direct Coupled
Suitable for:
  • Palm Oil Mills
  • Power Plants
  • Dust Collectors
  • Cement Plants
  • General Industries