SINGLE STAGE Steam Turbines
Our Single-stage steam turbines have been a fixture in most process industries for nearly 20 years, providing clients with economical and reliable mechanical drives for Pumps, Fans, Knives, Compressors and Generators. For many years our engineering staff have worked with various consultants to meet the strict standards of API 611 and 612. Kessels sales offices / representatives located around the world, are staffed with experienced professionals to help you select the right steam turbine from more than 15 frame sizes and design options to meet your steam conditions and application requirements up to 4,000 HP in single stage configurations.

Oil and gas, Food processing, Chemical processing, Pharmaceutical, Steel, Paper, Sugar, Palm oil, Edible oil, Rice, Fertilizer, Marine.


Pump drives, Fan drives, Mill drives, Generator drives, Compressor drives, knives, and Shredder drives


100 KW to 4,000 HP (3000KW) Speeds up to 12,000 RPM Pressures up to 65 Kg / Crrli / 925 Psig, Temperatures up to 460°C / 860F


7 models, Horizontal (axial and radial split), Vertical , API 611- and 612-compliant, Overhung and between-the-bearings wheel designs, metallic or carbon seals, Electronic / Hydraulic Mechanical governors, Customized steam path components, Mechanical / Electronic safety trip system, Direct-drive or integral gear boxes with suitable lubrication systems.

ETM – Horizontal / Vertical Split Casing for Economical power requirements up to 100 HP (75kW) Direct drive application for critical duty pumps. 11111104. ETH – Horizontal Split Casing Cost effective, easy to install Medium speed workhorse ET 25/30 Cross Section
ETV – Vertical Casing Offering all the features as the ETH in vertical design.
ET 25/30 Cross Section
ETV – Vertical Casing offering all the features as the ETH in vertical design
ETS – Horizontal Split Casing API 612 compliant
SV – Horizontal/Axial Split, casing – Curtis wheel SIngle-Stage Steam Turbine for heavy duty. Variable high speed continuous applications.
STH – Horizontal/Vertical Split Casing Single Curtis stage, design capable of high speeds and high exhaust steam pressures.
OH – Overhung Wheel API 611 design for Quick start standby applications. Integrally geared for economical operation.
MULTI STAGE Steam Turbines
Proven reliability and high efficiency make Kessels multi-stage steam turbines vital partners with the power and process industries. High fuel and energy conversion costs demand that steam turbine efficiency be as much a consideration as reliability. Kessels industrial multi-stage steam turbine line helps you meet a variety of energy requirements in industrial environments. These turbines operate at speeds up to 12,000 RPM, with steam inlet conditions up to 105 bar at560’C, and exhaust conditions up to 12 bar.

Oil and gas, Power, Sugar, Ethanol, Paper, Medical, Food and Beverage Processing, Petrochemical, Steel and Education (Universities)


Compressors, Boiler Feed Water and other Pumps, Milling / Shredding Equipment, Fans, Blowers


Synchronous Generators Induction Generators


From 250 kW up to 30000 KW Inlet pressures up to 105 bar Inlet temperatures up to 560OC Exhaust Pressures from Vacuum to 12 bar from 3,000 to 12000 RPM


Single- and multi-valve inlet Controlled Extraction, Uncontrolled Bleeds Extraction Condensing / Extraction Back Pressure Mixed Pressure Induction API 611 and 612 compliant Hydraulic- Mechanical and Electronic Governors Remote Monitoring / Controls Base Load Operation Parallel Operation with Local / National Grid

M5 – Horizontally Split Casing Economical design up to 6000 KW. Multi valve Inlet, solid rotor construction. Cost effective for industrial and institutional applications
­­HES – Horizontally Split Casing Designs for up to 12000 KW. Engineered to meet the most demanding applications of high speed direct driven mechanical equipment like compressors etc.
HES – Horizontally Split Casing Designs for up to 12,000 KW. Engineered to meet the most demanding applications of high speed direct driven mechanical equipment like compressors etc.
MES – Horizontally Split Casing Designs for up to 30,000 KW. Engineered for intermediate induction of steam for optimum utilization of plant heat energy. Heavy duty, slow speed, multi valve design suitable for base load duties.