• Up to 245 M3/Hr
  • Up to 45 M Head
  • Size 50 – Up to 3,500 rpm
  • Size 75 – Up to 3,400 rpm
  • Size 100 – Up to 3,000 rpm
  • Size 150 – Up to 2,900 rpm
  • Four (4) pump sizes

Heavy Duty Self-primer are built to suit your needs, to pump CLEAN OR DIRTY WATER, SALINE WATER, ACIDIC & CAUSTIC FLUIDS, AS WELL AS DIESEL & LIGHT OILS. Choice of MATERIALS is available in Cast Iron, Ni-Resist, Stainless Steel, Bronze and Zinc Free Bronze. Seal faces & elastomers can be selected on MECHANICAL SEALS, or packing type with PACKED GLANDS. Mechanical seals are available in Carbon vs Ceramic and Silicon vs Silicon faces, and they are all in Metric sizes.

  • up to 150 M3/Hr
  • up to 50 M Head
  • 700 rpm to 3,200 rpm
  • 5 Pump sizes
  • 4 Pedestal sizes – F30-BP, F35-BP, F45-BP, F55-BP
  • Solid handling capacity – excellent up to 50 mm 0

EASY MAINTENANCE The cost is low. Routine maintenance is made easy because components are easy to reach. The basic life of OB.NT RANGE is long, keeping down time and maintenance to a minimum. The assemble bolts of the liquid end are few in number, located in notched holes and are easily accessible. The material used is good quality high tensile steel. BACK PULL OUT DESIGN Allows all wearing parts exposed for inspection by simply opening the bolts holding the casing on to the bear-ing catridge. The rotating elements are slided backwards providing direct access to the IMPELLER, SEAL HOUSING, MECHANICAL SEAL and SHAFT SLEEVE, with the casing still mounted onto the pipelines, WITHOUT HAVING TO DISTURB THE PIPELINES. Change of parts takes minimum time.