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Repeated loading causes damage to machine structure and components. In real case, repeated loadings are actual operating condition of machine structures or components in which these components undergo high stresses. The effect of repetitive loading is simply the failure of components in terms of initial hairline cracks which propagates to failure. Therefore, to ensure safety and reliability of machine structure or its components, test and evaluation of fatigue failure mode is very important. This kind of evaluation is also very important to the commercial aspect of customers’ business, as to avoid high number of warranty reclaim for components within the warranty period. ACT provides durability test solutions to customers who want to optimize their cost over quality criteria, and avoid neither over nor under designing their manufactured products.

Our services include:-
• Development of Test Program/Procedures
• Analysis and evaluation of acquired test data
• Durability test service for Durability of machine/vehicle (component/system level)
• Development of Durability Specification
• Road Load Data Acquisition (RLDA) on Proving Ground (PG)