• ACT customized DAQ system able to measure real time history data from variable type of sensors and the measured data directly storage into DAQ hard-disk or computer memory.
  • ACT customized DAQ system manufactured with multi-channel as required by customer requirement with complete with DAQ set-up software


  • Executes powerful floating-point algorithms with deterministic real-time performance.
  • Small, rugged, high-reliability embedded real-time processor for intelligent stand-alone operation


  • 400 MHz Free scale MPC5200 real-time processor
  • 64 MB DRAM memory, 128 MB of nonvolatile storage.
  • 10/100BaseT/TX Ethernet port with built-in FTP/HTTP servers and Lab VIEW remote panel Web server
  • Full-speed USB host port for USB-based storage media
  • RS232 serial port for peripheral devices
  • Fault-tolerant file system
  • Low power consumption with dual 9 to 35 VDC power supply inputs
  • -40 to 70 °C operating temperature range
  • Operating System : Lab VIEW Real-Time (Vx Works)