1. Maintenance
  2. Hard line flushing
  3. Accumulator charging
  4. Hydraulic motor and AC motor servicing
  5. Hydraulic oil contamination check
  6. Replacement for new filter with new oil
  7. Heat exchanger cleaning and servicing
  8. Cooling tower cleaning and servicing
  9. Software and hardware upgrading for side controller and system
  10. Replacement for all type of electronic parts and servicing for site controller

2. Calibration
a) Actuator stroke calibration (LVDT)
b) Load cell calibration (Tension and compression)
c) Encoders unit calibration

– System fine tuning for load and stroke (input/output command and feedback)

3. Calibration and Maintenance for 6 Axis Load Cell

a) Force-X
b) Force-Y
c) Force –Z
d) Moment-X
e) Moment-Y
f) Moment-Z

-Standard calibrator with jig & fixture, DAQ and adopter

-Standard top plate and bottom plate 6 Axis Load Cell